LGP V2-EX Plus

The LGP V2-EX Plus  Vibration Analyzer is a device that can measure the vibration and temperature of industrial machines and diagnose their condition. It is an upgraded version of  V2 Plus, with a touch screen, a camera function, and an explosion-proof option. It can support route measurements downloaded from PC software, waveform/spectrum analysis, infrared temperature measurement, and manual input function. It can communicate with the server via Wi-Fi or USB, and provide professional PC analysis software. The device has a CE marking and can perform time waveform and spectrum analysis. The explosion-proof option makes it suitable for working in hazardous environments such as oil and gas fields, chemical plants, and power stations.

Technical Specifications:

Items Remarks
Channel CH1: Vibration(ICP sensor)、 Voltage(±5V AC)
Collection Parameter Analysis Frequency: 100Hz、 200Hz、 500Hz、 1KHz、 2KHz、 5KHz、 10KHz

Sampling Rate: Maximal25.6KHz

Signal Type: acceleration, velocity, displacement and voltage

A/D conversion: 24bit

Harmonic Distortion:<-70dB


Sampling Configuration: sampling rate, low pass filter, high pass filter and sampling length

Waveform Length: 1024、 2048、 4096、 8192

Spectrum Lines: 400、 800、 1600

Averaging: linearity, peak hold

Window Type: Rectangle, Hanning

Internal infrared temperature


Temperature range: -30~ 420(℃) Precision:±1% or ±1.5℃ Maximal

Emission rate: 0~ 1 adjustable, Distance coefficient: 25: 1

Dimension Length×Width×Height: 195×80 ×37(mm) Grip size(W×H): 68×31(mm)
LCD Display 3.5inch, 640×480pixels, IPS TFT, capacitive touch screen
Weight 500g
Vibration sensor 2 types: external IEPE accelerometer; wireless vibration sensor (optional)
Speed sensor External tachometer or balancing (optional)
Keyboard 21keys 2million times lifespan, with backlight
Working Environment Temperature: -20~ 55℃ Humidity:< 95% (without condensate)

Protection Grade: IP65, dust proof, water proof, 2m anti-dropping

Communication Method USB2.0 (High speed)

WiFi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz 50m line of sight )

Storage Flash memory 1GByte, Optional 8Gbyte
Storage Extension micro SD card extension, maximal support 32Gbyte
RFID UHF 865M RFID Detection distance: 20CM
Camera 5million pixels camera, automatic focusing
Flashlight Flashlight function suitable for dark place
Inspector positioning GPS (optional)
Battery Option 1: Rechargeable 3600mAh explosion proof battery, 3.7V, support with shipping


Option 2: Rechargeable 5000mAh, standard battery, 3.7V

Charging Time Standard battery 4.5hours; explosion proof battery 2.5hours
Working Time Standard battery >10 hours, explosion proof battery >8 hours
Ex version Exib IIC T4 (Optional)