LGP Vibra Align 4C

The LGP Vibra Align 4C Laser Shaft Alignment System is a device that can measure and correct the misalignment of shafts, couplings, and pulleys in industrial machines. It uses wireless transducers with built-in rechargeable batteries and large 30mm CCD detectors to detect the angular and offset errors between the rotating elements. It also has electronic inclinometers that allow for convenient measurement in any shaft position. The device has a display control unit with a touch screen and a camera function that can show the alignment results and generate PDF reports. The device can perform horizontal and vertical machine alignment, Cardan shaft alignment, and other options. The device has a high accuracy, a long operating time, and a low cost compared to other laser alignment systems.

Technical Specifications

  • IEPE/ICP or charge type accelerometers with known sensitivity switchable
  • proximity sensor, Optical RPM transducer
  • AD conversion – 24 bits.
  • Display: TFT¼.
  • VGA built-in
  • back light:sunlight-readable withstandard or 5” or 7” screen.
  • Number of channels: True 2/ True 4 analog channel for simultaneous
  • acquisition of Vibration & 01 channel for reference signal input for phase/RPM measurement.
  • Dynamic range: 24 bits is 140dB & Signal to Noise ratio 106dB.
  • CPUProcessor: 400MHz.
  • PC Communication interface: USB and mini-USB.
  • OperatingTemperature: -10 C to 55 C.
  • Environmental Protection: IP 65 with
  • drop test.
  • Ruggedized aluminum enclosure with TPE protector.
  • Dimensions:210 x 170 x 50mm.
  • Weight: 1 kg.