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Vibration Analysis Toos


Vibration analysis is a way of finding and fixing problems in machines by measuring their vibrations. LGP makes tools that do vibration analysis and help customers keep their machines working well.

Worksop & Portable Balancing tools


Field balancing is a way of fixing the unbalance of a machine or shaft without taking it out. LGP is a company that provides Erbessd workshop balancer and balancing tools, which are designed to perform field balancing with high accuracy and efficiency.

Shaft & Pully Alignment System


LGP’s shaft and pulley laser alignment system uses wireless measurement units, large detectors, and powerful lasers to perform precise measurements in any condition. LGP’s shaft and pulley laser alignment service can help customers improve their rotating machinery performance and efficiency.

Thermography Analysis Tools


LGP is a company that provides thermography analysis tools, which include high-quality thermal imaging cameras and software. LGP’s thermography analysis tools can measure and capture thermal images from a safe distance, as well as create detailed reports and interpretations. 

Modal in ODS Analysis


ODS analysis tools are software applications that determine and visualize the vibrational pattern of a structure under operating conditions. LGP’s ODS analysis tools can perform various types of ODS analysis, such as time, spectral, and run-up/down.  ODS analysis tools can provide an in-depth understanding of the structural dynamics, modal parameters, and vibro-acoustic behavior of the structure, required to improve its structural health.

Motor Current Analysis


LGP’s motor analysis tools can also perform full power quality and electrical energy analysis, such as voltage, frequency, harmonics, and power factor. Motor current analysis can detect various types of faults and anomalies in the motor, such as rotor bar defects, stator winding faults, bearing failures


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