Vibrometer Easy Pen 320

The Vibrometer EasyPen 320 is a device that can measure the vibration and temperature of various industrial equipment using the dynamic method. The device can measure three vibration parameters: vibration velocity, vibration acceleration, and vibration displacement. It can also measure the surface temperature of the equipment without contact.

The device has a miniature design with magnetic attachment and M5 stud, which eliminates the influence of human factor in the measurement process. It also has a high degree of protection against bumps and drops, a built-in battery and USB Type-C charging connector, a connection in Bluetooth 5.2 (optional), a real-time data transfer to any mobile device (optional), a built-in bright OLED display, and a discreteness of measurements up to 0.01. It can work in two modes: conventional vibrometer and lineman assistant.

The conventional vibrometer mode allows the user to use the device as an indicator of the overall vibration level, measure peak values, bearing displacement or diagnosis based on the crest factor. The lineman assistant mode allows the user to work along a given route with data transfer to an external device.

The device can also display the spectral composition of the vibration velocity signal and bind measurements to generally accepted regulatory documents. it is a simple and easy-to-use diagnostic tool that can help ensure trouble-free operation and reduce repair and maintenance costs for industrial equipment.

Technical specifications:


RMS value of vibration velocity 0.1-100mm/s
RMS value of vibration acceleration 0.1-100 m / s2
The scope of vibration displacement 2-2000mkm
Relative error +5 %
Operating frequency range 10-1000 Hz
Temperature measurement range from -20 to +200°C
Accuracy of temperature measurement 0.5 °C
Display type OLED, 0.96”
Display Size 128×64 mm
Li-ion battery 3.7V, 600 mAh
Connector microUSB
Compatibility Android, iOS
Wireless communication module Up to 10m
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
Continuous operation time 8 hours
Environmental conditions
– temperature -10 – 55°C
– relative humidity < 85 %
Degree of protection IP54
Overall dimensions 170x36x20 mm
Weight 100 g